Taka's Life

This is still under construction. There are so many bits and pieces written about me and my family that I don't know where to begin. You may think that I am a bit conceited to put in this section, but this is not so. Some of these stories are so unbeleivable that they are almost funny. Others have teach moral lessons about some things. I did not write most of these. Pay attention more to the mistakes that were made - you can (and I have) learned alot from my many mistakes.

Alternate Chapter 6 for TToT. An alternate version of the last chapter of Josh Templin's _THE TALES OF TANABI_. This version conforms to events in the novel that I am writing.

SPERM DONOR The story of how Nala came to be

A Letter to my daughter Nala

_EXPLORE AFRICA Segment from June 13, 2002

_EMPIRE_ - a novel.